• A window system with thermal insulation, featuring a smooth and slim profile line

  • The specific shape of the profiles (resembling steel profiles) gives the structure a modern industrial character

  • System application: fixed windows, opening windows: single- or double-sash windows with tilting, opened inwards

  • The system features slim profiles with the minimum visible width and modern design



Profile type Profile width [mm] Installation depth [mm] Thermal insulation [W/m2K]
MLS75 75 75 1.1
MLS85 85 85 1.0
MLS98 98 98 0.8



Max Light Steel is a high-quality window and door system developed by Gellain. It is made of steel, which provides excellent durability and strength, making it ideal for both residential and commercial buildings. The system is designed to offer maximum thermal insulation, thanks to its innovative construction that includes a thermal break between the steel profiles.

One of the key benefits of Max Light Steel is its sleek and modern design. The slim profiles of the system allow for maximum glass surface, which not only looks elegant but also provides ample natural light and unobstructed views. Additionally, the system can be customized to fit any architectural style, making it a versatile choice for any project.

Max Light Steel is also highly secure, as it comes with advanced locking systems and high-quality glazing options that provide excellent resistance against forced entry and burglary. Furthermore, the system is easy to maintain and clean, ensuring that it will look great for years to come.

Overall, Max Light Steel is a top-of-the-line window and door system that offers outstanding durability, energy efficiency, and security. With its sleek design and customizable options, it is the perfect choice for any modern building project.

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