Windows & Doors

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Our company specializes in the production and delivery of PVC, Aluminum windows and doors for
clients around the world. Our product quality is among the best in the industry, and all our products
come with a warranty.
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In our production, we use only high-quality materials, which are durable and require minimal
maintenance. Our products are energy efficient, which can help you lower your energy bill.
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We care about quality and each of our products undergoes strict quality control before delivery so
that you get the best product.
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We produce high-quality windows and doors that are resistant to weather conditions and provide
excellent thermal and sound insulation. Our products are made of high-quality materials and
equipped with the latest technology. By choosing our products, you get a durable and reliable
solution for your home or business space.
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Our PVC and aluminum products meet European Union quality standards.
Our products are energy efficient, which can help you reduce your energy bills.
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We ship all around the world, through the most famous forwarding companies, as well as others, but
we know that the products we sell often require special care. That is why we also entrust specialized
couriers for the transport of designer items, able to provide additional services that require
competence and reliability, such as internal home delivery, assembly, installation. Everything is taken
care of by experienced and reliable staff, who will also check the correctness of the goods.
Each order is processed according to the best logistics service, so that the packages reach your home
as soon as possible, reduce costs and make the goods in perfect condition and ready for use. Your
orders are always covered by full risk insurance
We take care of every part of your transportation, so you can just relax and enjoy your order.
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Gellain is engaged in the production of PVC and ALU joinery from the highest quality materials. We make all kinds of windows, doors, entrance and garage, shutters, with manual and automatic systems.