• A window system with thermal insulation, featuring a smooth and slim profile line

  • The specific shape of the profiles (resembling steel profiles) gives the structure a modern industrial character

  • System application: fixed windows, opening windows: single- or double-sash windows with tilting, opened inwards

  • The system features slim profiles with the minimum visible width and modern design



Profile type Profile width [mm] Installation depth [mm] Thermal insulation [W/m2K]
MLI75 75 75 0.77
MLI85 85 85 0.73
MLI98 98 98 0.64



Max Light Invisible is a highly innovative window and door system that features a sleek, minimalist design with nearly invisible frames and profiles. This system is designed to create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, providing unobstructed views and maximizing natural light.

Max Light Invisible is available in various sizes and shapes, making it suitable for different types of buildings and architectural styles. The system can be customized to individual user needs, with a choice of different colors and finishes.

This system is characterized by a high level of energy efficiency, thanks to its advanced thermal insulation properties. Additionally, the system offers a high level of security, with multi-point locking systems and reinforced profiles.

Despite its minimalist design, Max Light Invisible is very durable and requires minimal maintenance, making it a highly cost-effective solution for modern homes and commercial buildings.

In summary, Max Light Invisible is a highly innovative, energy-efficient, and secure window and door system that offers a unique, minimalist design with nearly invisible frames and profiles. This system provides unobstructed views and maximum natural light, while offering excellent thermal insulation and durability.

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