Ultraglide Max Light

“Ultraglide Max Light is a high-performance sliding window system that combines exceptional functionality with contemporary design. This system offers maximum flexibility and is suitable for both new construction and renovation projects.

The Ultraglide Max Light features a sleek and slimline profile that maximizes the glass area, allowing for abundant natural light to fill the space and create a bright and inviting atmosphere. The system is highly customizable, accommodating various glazing thicknesses, vent heights, and insulation values, ensuring it can meet the specific requirements of any project.

With its excellent thermal insulation properties, the Ultraglide Max Light contributes to energy efficiency and helps create a comfortable living environment. The system provides optimal weather resistance, ensuring it remains watertight and airtight even in challenging conditions.

Security is a top priority, and the Ultraglide Max Light is equipped with robust locking mechanisms and optional security features for enhanced protection and peace of mind. The smooth and effortless sliding operation makes it easy to open and close the windows, providing convenience and comfort.

The Ultraglide Max Light is designed for versatility and can be used in various configurations, including slide and lift-slide models. It offers the option of a mono, duo, or triple rail system, providing flexibility in design and functionality.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing space, the Ultraglide Max Light is an ideal choice for creating modern and stylish sliding windows that meet the highest standards of performance, aesthetics, and functionality.”

Please note that this is a generated description based on the limited information available. For more accurate and detailed information, it is recommended to refer to the official product documentation or contact the manufacturer directly.

Ultraglide Max Light

Maximize light, luxury and insulation

• Mono-, duo-, 3-rail
• Sliding – and lifst-slide system
• Corner solution 90° pane/pane (UG ML)
•  Corner solution 90° glass/glass
• Low treshold
Features Description
Maximum Sash Weight 440 kg
Outer Frame Glazing 8 mm - 72 mm
Sash Glazing 15 mm - 51 mm
Outer Frame Built-in Depth 153 - 176 - 239 mm
Sash Built-in Depth 67 mm
Visible Width Meeting Section Up to 45 mm
3K3-Chamber System Burglary resistance class RC2
Possible in Slide and Lift-Slide Model Possible in mono, duo, or triple rail model
Flat Threshold Corner solution 90° glass/glass
Insulation Value U-Value 1.0 W/m²K (3850mm x 2550mm, UG = 0.6 W/M2K & PSI = 0.036 W/MK - profile UG810-UG521 (UGi+)
Watertightness E750 (NBN EN 12208)
Airtightness 4 (NBN EN 12207)
Wind Resistance C5 (NBN EN 12210)
Acoustic Rw 40dB (-1,-4) / Rw 43dB (-2,-6)
Operating Force 1 (NBN EN 13115)

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