The VG500 is a universal sliding window that perfectly meets all modern requirements for glass thickness, vent height, and insulation values. This system is ideal for both new construction and renovation projects. The VG500 provides a solution for every type of home and can be available in either 2 or 6 parts.

This window system allows for easy sliding to achieve optimal airflow and ventilation control. The VG500 is designed to provide high energy efficiency and good sound insulation. It can be customized to accommodate various glass thicknesses for optimal insulation.

VG500 sliding windows offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance and can be tailored to different architectural styles. Design options include different colors, coatings, and glass shapes to achieve the desired window look.

This system also prioritizes high-level security. VG500 sliding windows are equipped with strong locking mechanisms and can be integrated with additional security options to ensure home protection.

Whether it’s for new construction or renovation, the VG500 sliding window provides a flexible solution for your needs. Its ability to adapt to different sizes and configurations makes it a popular choice among homeowners and designers.

Thanks to its flat sill, this sliding window is ideal for people with reduced mobility.
  1. Meets current insulation standards
  2. For new construction or renovation project
  3. Flat sill possible
  4. 2 to 6 parts
Characteristics Specifications
Material Aluminum
System Type Sliding
Maximum Panel Height 2500mm
Maximum Panel Width 1200mm
Thermal Insulation U-value: 1.2 W/m²K
Sound Insulation Rw (C; Ctr): 32 (-1; -3) dB
Glass Thickness From 20mm to 36mm
Hardware Options Various options available

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